This piece was a meditation on death in the human realm; on one hand, I can see the nihilism that comes from the view that consciousness (our brief blip of self-aware existence) is an accidental property of matter configured a certain way, so death is a certain end back into a cold, meaningless emptiness.  The other perspective is that our 3 dimensional existence is but one sliver upon an infinite band of dimensions, light, and information that we can't fathom, but ultimately belong to.  We temporarily came to embody this 3rd density of existence to experience physicality.  In this view, the disintegration of the self upon physical death is not a dissolution back into entropy and a lonely darkness, but a homecoming and reconstitution back to Light as our soul returns to the ether beyond or "above" 3 dimensions.  I felt this simulation as an "ascending," the lighter aspects of being rising back to 4th and higher densities as our bodies dissolve into a billion particles of light.  In the process, a feeling of coming home, of a familiarity that we have always known.  The bliss of returning to oneness.   
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