Video Work

My work in video came as a natural evolution from static media to moving media such motion graphics, opening a new medium of storytelling. I consider myself a super late bloomer to this art form since I actually went to USC but never considered exploring filmmaking until way after I graduated. I learned on my own from working at production and post houses and on sets around LA as a designer for storyboarding, concept art for treatments and pitches, motion graphics and as an editor. I specialize in funny, surreal, sometimes kinky short-form videos that can be done on little to no budget. I'm inspired by my friends and turn them into characters in a parallel video universe. I consider a take on set to be a success if we have to stop rolling because we are all laughing too hard :) I love the concept and preproduction process the most -- coming up with the creative and art direction, storyboarding, and making the concept art to bring a concept to life. I prefer working with DPs rather camera operating and do all of the post myself.