People Getting Served
Fabric Scrub Cap Tutorial (Coronavirus PPE)
Crafts, Fashion, Illustration
Strangers In The Night
Directing, Film, Music
People Getting Served - Wonderbread
Creative Direction, Film, Directing
People Getting Served - Mermaid
Creative Direction, Film
Awesometown Makin Magic
Man vs Bass
Directing, Creative Direction, Music
The O Note
Directing, Film, Music
Fire Flow
Directing, Editing, Film
Directing, Film, Advertising
What Flows Through You
Creative Direction, Directing, Film
Fantasy UI - 3D Mind Map
Interaction Design, Animation, AR/VR
Why Things Break
Visual Effects
Toyota Tundra
Animation, Motion Graphics
Exhibition Design, Interaction Design
Freediving Through Dark Matter
Illustration, Animation, Motion Graphics
Hersheys Cookies n' Cream
Art Direction, Advertising, Storyboarding
Campari Soda
Storyboarding, Advertising
IBM Watson - Touchscreen News Browsing Experience
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Storyboarding
Digital Art
Between Densities
Artemis Chronicle Concept Art
Character Design, Game Design, Illustration
Music Album Covers
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Music
Tiny stewards
Character Design, Crafts, Creative Direction
Digital Photography
3D Timeline Lifelogging App
Game Design, Interaction Design, Art Direction
Interactive Touchscreen Marketing Experience
Exhibition Design, Advertising
Paper Route - Chariots (Lyric Video)
Art Direction, Industrial Design, Music
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