This is a tutorial for sewing a fabric scrub cap for healthcare workers during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.  
the pattern is adapted for a more snug fit around the base of the head (to prevent from moving around), 
while increasing vertical volume.
Video Tutorial
The dome of the cap consists of a top piece (that looks kind of like a whoopee cushion) and the 2 side pieces that serve as "walls" connecting the whoopee cushion ceiling to the bottom band.
The band can be variable in terms of specific length and width.  I find that at least 40" is enough to comfortably tie around, including tying around a ponytail bun.  A strip that's 4" wide will be about 1 and 7/8" wide after folding in half and attaching to the dome of the cap.
Step 1: Elasticize the Top Piece
Please play this video to see how to complete this step.  Video will start at the relevant moment.  

Credit goes to Lea Goes Green for the pattern on which this was iterated upon.

Step 2: Attach 2 Sides Pieces Together
Put FLAT sides together, and sew along the FLAT edge to create one continuous Side Panel piece.
Step 3: Attach Top Piece and Side Piece
This step is a bit tricky because you're attaching curved pieces.  Put RIGHT sides together, matching the center (yellow circle) of the side piece to the center top of the Top Piece.   
Step 4: Add a Pair of Pleats on the Side Piece at the Front of the Head
This creates a better fit around the neck while creating more room in the head area.
The pleats are about 3/4" inch.
You can skip this step, or use smaller pleat gathers if this cap is intended for an adult with a larger head.
Step 5: Prepare Band Strap/ Piece
The middle part of the band will be connecting to the bottom of the dome, and both ends of the band will be freely hanging for tying.  You can close off the seams by doing a topstitch.  What I've been doing is flipping the band inside out, sewing about 10 inches in from each side to close the seam, and flipping it back out.
Step 6: Connect Band to Dome, and Finish!
Put right sides together, and the open edge of the band flush against the bottom raw edge of the dome.  Sew all around the band from edge of elastic to elastic.
Fold the band down and you're done!  (Image of another finished cap)
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