FowlPlay USC GamePipe Video Game
“You are a pigeon coming-of-age into the big, bad world. Learn to poop, eat, defend your territory, make friends, ingest unknown substances, gain pigeonous powers and find love. Life is complicated, but that doesn’t ruffle your feathers, because you’re fowl like that”

Gameplay demo of FowlPlay, a casual game developed at GamePipe Laboratories at USC. I was the producer, lead designer and art director for this game.

Fowlplay is a casual game for players of all ages. The game plays like a shooting gallery; as a pigeon, you fly around pooping on targets, finding or stealing food, unlock events and mini-games, acquire power-ups and new abilities, and fight a final boss.

Concept/ pitch, lead designer, producer, art director, 2D asset and texture artist, character animator (Maya)
Worked with 10 engineers and composers to develop this game.

Vector Art and Motion Graphics Animation 
for Kids' Fitness Video Content
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